Here's a demonstration of why it's taking me so long to put the site back up.

Like with most things, web design is a process.  It takes a lot of epic fails to get anywhere.

Here are just a few of my failures from yesterday and today. (I just wish I would have taken more pictures—there were so many more color/placement fails that will forever go undocumented!)

In a later post, I'll be sure to show you guys what all of this looks like behind the scenes. It totally does not involve me sitting at my desk typing away at teh codez and singing to myself...

The "before" shots.

After copying everything over to the slightly improved template I built earlier...






Why the hell not?

Ok, so this mess is me dumping some options on the page—a large drop-down menu, a table, and a list. Hated them all. Next!

 After spending some time learning how to code them/fixing my numerous mistakes, a wild mini drop-down menu appears!

But wait, does THIS style look better?

LOL NOPE. (You can't tell here because I had only prepared two of them at this point, but the drop-down menus were uneven and gross and no.)

This is also the point where I realize that this purple is too similar to the purple in use on the GONE page, so that had to go. Cue me testing out numerous shades of blue...

Here's me testing out left/right placements and realizing, oh hey, let's try moving ALL the buttons to the left like I should have done 38509345 hours ago so that they'll be even and stuff!




I'm realizing that these pictures don't come close to exposing the full extent of my torture. Expect that second post soon.

Aaaand now I get to implement this new Runners-Up format on eight more pages.

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