The Infernal Devices RQs

To give you guys a head start before the site re-opens, I now present to you...TID Required Monologues for our May Voting Cycle! (I'll also be posting these on Facebook and Tumblr later today.)


TID: Tessa: "Perfectly Harmless" — Chapter Sixteen, 350-352 (Begin "Nate...", end " place for us in New York, Nate.")
TID: Tessa: "I Won't Do It" — Chapter Nineteen, 435-437 (Begin "I don't want it," end "...knife through my heart.")

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TID: Jessamine: "This Was My House" — Chapter Six, 152-154 (Begin "This was my house")
TID: Jessamine: "Too Handsome to Die" — Chapter Thirteen, 299-300

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TID: Sophie: "Fit To Be Seen" — Chapter Five, 111-112
TID: Sophie: "All Sorts of Things" — Chapter Seven, 156-157

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TID: Will: "Pyxis" — Chapter Four, 85-87 (Begin "Good evening, Thomas," end "...doesn't like to see her work too hard.")
TID: Will: "If You Must Know" — Chapter Five, 106-108 (Begin "Singing the praises," end "...I'll have to befriend Jessamine.")

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TID: Jem: "Someone He Trusted" — Chapter Thirteen, 304 (Begin "What Will is trying to say," end " might know.")
TID: Jem: "He's So Stubborn" — Chapter Fifteen, 338-340 (Begin "He's so stubborn," end " they were so weak.")

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  1. Aaahhhhhh!!! So excited! Going to start learning these straight away!!

  2. Wooooooooo! So excited! I can't wait for the site to be back up!
    Also, the Sabrina gif. :3